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Rotâmetro de área variável DK 46 | 47 | 48 | 800

Small flowmeters (glass)

The DK 46, DK 47, DK 48 and DK 800 variable area flowmeters feature glass cones of varying lengths for different accuracy requirements.

The medium is visible and the flow value of the gas or liquid can be read directly off the scale at the height of the float.

It is easy to change the measuring glass, which is protected by a plastic cover, without disassembling the fitting.

For precise setting of the flow value, all devices are equipped with a metering valve.

  • Simple, low-cost measuring principle without auxiliary power
  • Stainless steel, brass or PVDF fittings
  • Needle valve in foot or head piece
  • Process temperatures: -5°C to +100°C
  • Operating pressure up to 10 bar
  • Upper limit of measurement for liquids: 0.4 to 160 l/h (water: 20°C)
  • Upper limit of measurement for gases: 5 to 5,000 l/h (air: 20°C, 1.013 bar)
  • 2 limit switches (ring initiators)
  • Accuracy 1.0 % - 4.0% of measured value acc. VDI/VDE 3513-2 (qG=50%) (depending on length of cone)
  • Use in hazardous areas (ATEX)
  • Many different process connections

The devices are especially well suited to measuring carrier gases in gas chromatography, for display, monitoring and dosing of gases in production processes as well as measuring liquids and gases in laboratories and pilot installations.

Blinds and supports are available for panel mounting. By using a lab foot, the flowmeters can be converted into standard devices. KROHNE also supplies fully assembled, customer-specific dosing panels.

Differential pressure regulators

It is possible to directly connect a differential pressure regulator in order to ensure constant flow in the event of fluctuating operating pressure.

A small flowmeter, DK 46, is available with the type designation DKR46. It has been combined with a flow controller for incoming pressure into a compact device.


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